UPDATE: Neil Gorsuch has been confirmed to the Supreme Court. Call your senator to thank or express your concern about their vote, and tell them to only support future nominees that will protect our rights.

Here’s how your Senator voted:

Gorsuch vote tally

Donald Trump has alarmed the nation with a wave of dangerous actions that show contempt for our Constitution and the rights and freedoms we cherish. At a time when our communities are under attack and our democratic institutions at risk, it’s more important than ever to have a Supreme Court that will safeguard our rights.    

Donald Trump’s nominee for the Court, Neil Gorsuch, can’t be trusted to stand up for us. 

Why? Because like Trump’s other nominees, Neil Gorsuch is Wall Street’s best friend – not ours. He’s a buddy to big business who would gut protections for clean air and water, safe food and medicine, and consumers and investors.  And that’s not all.

Neil Gorsuch would undermine civil rights, women’s reproductive rights, the rights of LGBTQ communities, and workers’ rights. How do we know? Because he once ruled that “corporations are people.”  

Tell your Senators:  we don’t need a Supreme Court justice who thinks “corporations are people.”

Every day, the Trump administration takes another step that puts real people’s lives at risk, tears at the fabric of our society and makes us all more vulnerable. The Supreme Court is our bulwark against a strong-arm administration, a check on abuses and excesses. Neil Gorsuch won’t check this president, and he won’t stand up for our rights. And that’s why he’s wrong for the Court.

It’s time to take a stand. Tell your Senator – Neil Gorsuch does not belong on the Supreme Court.


Make the Call!